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Creating a new dimension of digital transformation starts with people

Gemba is a place for ideas. And a place consisting of the right people who have come together to build incredible things for purpose-driven clients—helping businesses move at the speed of progress. We are a team of experts with some of the industry’s best technology talent. Together we are taking everything we know about digital transformations smarter, faster, and leaner.

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Corporate Training
Our end-to-end RPA services range from assessment, strategy to implementation and deployment. We help enterprises to automate and accelerate business process transformation, maximize ROI, and boost process efficiency so that they can focus on higher-value work.
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Application Development
We have established a structured onsite-offshore methodology for developments including Enhancements to SAP ERP, SAP Cloud Platform, FIORI and UI5 applications etc.
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SAP Analytics
Analytics solutions are a core part of SAP Business Technology, allowing users to provide real-time insights through machine learning, AI, business intelligence, & augmented analytics to analyse past & present situations.
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Migration and Upgrades
Keeping SAP Solutions updated with changes and developments is key for sustained growth. Call us for upgrades with zero disruption.
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Implementation and Transformations
SAP brings lot of capabilities and possibility to transform businesses dramatically. You need right partner to handle such projects and bring quantum leap into the digital journey.
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Our Methodology –
Smarter, faster, and leaner

Our proven approach for your long-term, sustainable results

An ERP solution and a focused process by a good implementation partner will help clients get to the finish line.

It’s how we function and help our clients move the needle. We better understand the challenges, design the appropriate solutions, and follow-through to ensure the required transformations are set in place.

It’s the key capabilities usually desired by most stakeholders. An ERP and a focused process by a good implementation partner can help them get there.



Captures the company’s need to enable better decision making throughout its value chain—not just better decisions by managers and executives but better decisions by everyone, from the delivery truck driver and the forklift operator to the foreman, sales executive and CEO.


Represents the organization’s agility, speed and overall responsiveness. Responding swiftly to all stakeholders helps differentiate the company. Faster enables competitive edge, as well as adaptability to changing business conditions.


Companies need to start by being smarter. This improvement in effective decision making will help them to reduce delays, move more nimbly and improve service levels across the organization (it’s a pre-requisite to becoming faster). By being more agile, a company will expose waste and unnecessary expense that it can eliminate (leaner).
SAP – Smarter, faster, and leaner

How can an SAP initiative make an organization Smarter, Faster and Leaner?

Over the last thirty years, ERP software has become very broad and deep in terms of functionality and capability.

However, no matter what bells and whistles an ERP has, fundamentally it adds value by doing two things:

Improving automation of manual processes

Creating transparency vertically and
horizontally within an organization

Although both sound generic and high-level, all other ERP capabilities fit into one (or both) of them.

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