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The business needs of organisations are quite complex and fitting everything into one solution is quite an impossible task.  The ERPs cover most of the common business practices and functions but they need to be enhanced to build customer specific functionalities or even industry specific modules as per need.  We have highly skilled ABAP Consultants and Solutions Architects to develop solutions needed by customers. We understand how SAP ERP can be enhanced using User Exists, BADIs, BAPIs, BDC, RFC, OData etc. We have expertise in integrating SAP with any SAP/Non SAP application.

We have deep expertise in extending ERPs to business partner using state of art technologies like SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Integration, SAP HANA DB etc.

Application Development As a Service

We have well matured application development methodology and practices which can produce complex application with zero defects and within predictable timelines.

Outsourced RICEFW Developments

We can take complete development from implementation projects and separate project take care of end to end developments till go live.

Business Analytics

We have deep experience in SAP Business Intelligence(BI/BO), Cloud Analytics, BW on HANA, Embedded Analytics etc.

HANA Services

Expertise in SAP HANA DB optimization and developments. We can optimize your reporting and developments post migrations using Calculation and Analytics Views etc.

Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform

Proven experience in Application Development on SAP Cloud Platform for extending ERP and customizing cloud solutions.

Mobility Applications

We have been working on using SAP Mobile Platforms, SAP Fiori to enhance user experience, provide user friendly UIs and enable mobility in organisations.

Application Integrations

We are experts in system integrations using SAP Cloud Integration Services, OData Services, WSDL, Soap UI etc.

Why Gemba InfoTech for Application Development

We have developed CMM Based Application Developed Practices and have established ourselves by delivery of numerous solutions to our esteemed clients

Agile Approach

We follow-up agile development approach and involve users early in development process

Knowledge Management

Well established practice of managing knowledge, creation and usage of reusable components

Project Management

We have well established project management practices thus keeping project within time and budget

Focus on Needs

We focus on your needs, understand needs evolve and our mission to fulfill your needs

How Does it help you

By outsourcing your application developments we help in by taking care of your development needs and making you’re free for managing operations and handling business.
  1. Brings down your ongoing cost of running SAP ABAP, SAPUI5 and .net Developments.
  2. Handling skill gap and peak workloads within shorter time frame.
  3. Don’t need to maintain high cost technical skills and keep them updated.
  4. Brings best practices from industry and cross industries.
  5. Possibility of faster solution delivery using reusable components.
  6. 24/7 services, works in your preferred time zone
  7. Adherence of project management practices.
  8. Neutral views with analytical approach for managing change needs.

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