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Mission critical applications like SAP ECC6.0 or SAP S/4HANA have various underlying layers like Operating Systems and Databases. Most of the cases both of these are provided by third party providers who keep upgrading their solutions and hence the SAP Installations also need to be migrated new versions of those OS and DB. Sometimes even hardware refresh also requires migrations to new setup. Few years back SAP introduced HANA Database and is asking their customers to update the HANA DB. So numerous migration scenarios exist and customer need support, guidance and end to end services to execute these migrations in non-disruptive manner minimal downtime and zero impact on business processes. The most common update and migration to HANA DB also called Suite on HANA. We have skills and experience on handling many such projects successfully.


SAP keeps on upgrading their application to take care of evolving business needs and provide bug fixes etc. Change in taxation and Govt. policies also leads to need for developing solutions and patches that need to be deployed to customer environments. Deploying such solutions in non-disruptive way is complex task and we make it cake walk with experience.

SAP Cloud Migration

Cloud technologies are adopted by businesses faster than any other technology. With absolute savings on CAPEX and flexibility to have on-demand infrastructure based on needs, cloud technologies have offered immense business value and direct business case for any customer. SAP cloud offerings have been one of the irresistible value propositions to its customers. This is evidenced by the growth of SAP cloud sales in 2015 doubled at € 2.3 Billion and SAP anticipates 2.6 times cloud sales by 2020 in comparison with their cloud sales as at the end of 2016

Type of Upgrades

The migrations and upgrades can be broadly categorized as below. We have handled numerous such migrations and are happy to help you on any of these.

OS/DB Migrations

These are purely technical migrations where customer wants to move from Windows to Unix/Linux and/or DB from Oracle/DB2/Sybase etc. to HANA DB or so.

Platform Migration

Platform Migrations could be upgrade of hardware, change of change of hardware, migration from on-premise to cloud or even setup of DR Sites etc.

Process Improvements

In these case the technical platform remains same but custom wants to improve the process, activate new functionalities, change workflow etc.

Why Gemba InfoTech for Upgrades and Migrations

We have been working on improving our processes and methodologies to make upgrades non-disruptive and result oriented. We have helps many customers in keeping them updated.

Non-Disruptive Change

Our established approaches for upgrades and migrations have minimal impact to ongoing business and requires negligible down times.

Smooth Transition

The transition is made quite smooth with rigorous testing, close to real time simulations and effective training.

Comprehensive Updates

We not only put you in new platform but try to harness the complete potential of new versions and activate all relevant features.

Effective Knowledge Transfer

We believe in comprehensive project documentation, landscape design documents, process documentation

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